A Million Different Moments – Side-Line

Bernard van Isacker Whereas their debut album ?Sublimation? did not exactly do what I had expected, especially after hearing a very promising demo, this release makes up for it all. Middle eastern instrumentation gets mixed with synthpop, classical music and d?n b. It made me realize this: If a major band like Depeche Mode needs a million dollar budget to record a new so so album, it is ludicrous to realize that a small band from the USA succeeds in offering a great album with almost no external budget. Indeed, Null Device offer here a release that will easily stand the competition some of the most hyped releases of the moment. Already the album knocks of with the very mature and haunting ?Destinies & Symmetries?, esoteric vocals and an atmosphere that offers a very dark mix. All in all I have the impression that the duo has been quite well over thinking all details leaving the obvious choices behind while looking for more elegant daring choices. An approach that bares fruit resulting in great tunes such as the dark ?Electrified?, the ethnical ?Travelogue? or yet the Turkish version of the track. Null Device have become full-grown, time to find these boys a EU distribution. (BVI:8 TSF:9) BVI