Free Nilaihah Promo sampler

Nilaihah Records, a label featuring EBM, Industrial Synthpop, Trance, Trip Hop, Futurepop and Techno, is offering a free promo CD to fans!

Yes, that's right…on June 22nd, Nilaihah Records – – will release a *FREE* promo CD in an effort to let music fans everywhere hear just how talented all of the Nilaihah artists are! So if you've always wanted to check out our label and the bands, this is your chance to hear 14 amazing songs! Soundclips can be heard at:

To get your very own copy either:

1) ORDER anything from the Nilaihah catalog – – and you'll get the promo for FREE

2) ORDER the promo CD for only $1 (to cover shipping) at
3) or send us a SASE (with .75 postage and an envelope large enough for a CD) to: Nilaihah Records, P.O. Box 82614, Columbus, OH 43202, USA

It's that easy! But get yours before all 1000 of these limited CD's are gone!

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.