Much busy-ness in Null Device land.

Dr. Goedken got married, and wrote some new lyrics. Those two events aren’t connected in any way.

I’ve been in the process of moving and remodelling the studio. Moving it meant moving it from a small almost-room downstairs to a spare bedroom upstairs. This has also been and adventure in acoustics, as this time I intend to do the room acoustics properly. Diffuser foam, bass traps, vocal booth…it’s so far working well, although balancing good-control-room acoustics with good-live-recording-room acoustics is tricky. It’s not helping that it’s a sort of oddly-shaped room, which makes placement of bass traps difficult. I’ve learned a lot about the wonderful absorptive properties of rigid fiberglass. I’ve also learned that if you move lots of computing and audio equipment into a room with foam on the walls, it heats up pretty fast. I’m working on dealing with this.

Been writing again, finally, too. And slammed out a remix for Hungry Lucy that is middle-eastern-tastic.

And gigs. We have gigs. Irreverence was a brilliantly insane festival, the crowd was feelin it, the bands were feelin it, everyone was having a good time. We’ve got shows coming up in ohio, shows coming up in Milwaukee, a Nilaihah Showcase in Madison in November, and maybe one or two other shows in there too. Craziness.

Craziness I tell you!