A Million Different Moments – Gothic Beauty

CaroleeFuture Pop defines Null Device beatter than most bands which fall into that subgenre of electronic music. A Million Different Moments is a smarter and more world-conscious electronic-dance album that mixes Indian Bhangra beats, Middle Eastern percussion and ululations, and Far Easter phrases with programmed fractals of sythetic pop. It can really get you moving, but it's also rewarding just to sit and listen, while electric guitars, piano, violins and traditional percussion deepend and change the mood. The lyricas are easy on the ear, expression visionary ourneys and emotional transformations, connecting the universal energy of the music to the essential singularity of the human heart. Null Device has set the standard for the future of synthpop, drawing its influences from around the globe and rising to a higher level of inclusion, diversity and intelligence. Released by the innovative electronic label Nilaihah.

***** (5 stars)