I can't beleive I forgot to post this

Dangit, I put our gig announcement on MySpace but forgot to put it here. I blame Global Warming.

Anyway, ND has two gigs coming up in the next few weeks. Two very, very different gigs.

The first is the Dane101 Halloween Kickoff party. We're playing at the High Noon Saloon with our amigos The Gothsicles, the dark hip-hop artist Dark Clouds, and noisemeisters Cervello Eletronico. DJ Siberia rounds out the night with the dance beats. Wednesday, October 25th!

Second, we're doing a very special semi-acoustic set at Cafe Montmartre. Semi-acoustic, in that the last time we went all-acoustic nobody could hear us, so we're plugging in the violin and bass. Friday, October 27th!