Departures and Arrivals

It is with deep sadness that Null Device announces the departure of Dan Clark as our live guitarist. He's been with the band since our first show and made much of what we've done over the past 5 years possible – arranging acoustic sets, showing us live neophytes how to actually be professional about this stuff, and generally being a good friend and great guy. We wish him continued success in his roles as guitar god for Stromkern, leader of The Dark Clan, and the other 11,000 projects he seems to have going at any given time. He will be missed.

On a happy note, we welcome into the fold the lovely and talented Ms. Jill Sheridan, already well-known to Null Device trainspotters as the female vocalist on “You're Not That Charming” and “Down the Line”, and as the voice of Ensku's “All Is Fair.” She'll be picking up some vocal duties and electronics.