It's that time of year again, time for the Madison Area Music Awards.

We've been nominated in three categories – best album (electronic), best song (electronic) and best song (world).

So vote for us!

We're also playing a benefit for the MAMAs at The Inferno on the 16th of April with fellow nominees Sensuous Enemy. $5 gets you in and I believe also registers you as a MAMAs member, which means you can vote in this next round.

Of course, you may be thinking “why should I spend $5 to vote for you in some sort of local music ego-fest?” Well, see, here's the thing…the MAMAs have a higher purpose than just patting local artists on the back. All proceeds from MAMAs registration go to helping fund music in the schools. Cutback after cutback to education budgets have stripped local schools of funding for the arts and humanities, so the MAMAs have stepped in to help provide new instruments and funding for school music programs. Already they've donated over $20k to local school districts.

So, for $5 you can help kids get into music AND give Null Device a little press. It's win-win!