Lots of stuff going on.

Remixes are successfully being wrangled for the next release, including one remixer that I was convinced I wasn’t going to be able to get, but managed to anyway thanks to some fortuitous business transactions.  Also got to drop some spooky theremin hand-waving on a really stellar track for another band (although I’m not sure if I can announce who yet.  I’ll update this if I can).   Two weekends ago, I was involved in recording commentary tracks for Caustic and The Gothsicles, and that was crazy drunken hijinks.  Aaaaand finally, I’ve been twiddling the wiring of the live set – everything from the microphone routing to the setlist to the cover tunes is being tweaked.  All we need now are some more gigs.

Also, this weekend is the latest iteration of the Madison Area Music Awards.  We’re up for Best Artist – Electronic.   Also up for a few awards is Sensuous Enemy, our compadres with whom we’ve played many times.