I Heard It On NPR, Sorta

Last weekend the NPR “Monitormix” blog posted a challenge – write and record a song in a weekend.  They had some conditions, like using a few certain words, etc.

I gave it a shot.

It’s not my finest work, certainly.  The vocals are a little weak, the lyrics are a bit…um…but considering the whole thing was recorded, start to finish, in the span of about 4 hours, it’s not bad.  From recording dhols and dumbeks, to programming the beats, to orchestrating the chorus and the vocoders – everything was done on a chunk of saturday afternoon and sunday morning.  I’m rather pleased, especially given the bulk of the entries were of the singer-songwriter variety – not unexpected, since you can’t beat a guitar and voice for expediency in sketching a song – so the fact that I multitracked and arranged a 3-minute pop song in an afternoon makes me feel pretty danged good.