Little Red Wolf remix EP!

Our buddies in Little Red Wolf did something nifty, putting out a remix album of their classy folk-pop.  And Null Device does a mix on it.  The whole thing is pretty cool.

Hereabouts is their press release:

Madison-based folk-pop band Little Red Wolf is giddy with excitement to announce the release of a 6-track remix EP todayFebruary 1, 2011. The compilation, called If Only We Were Remixed, features unique and awesome reinterpretations of songs from their debut record, If Only We Were Just Like We Are by some of their favorite electronically inclined artists.

The EP is released digitally-only via the Little Red Wolf Bandcamp site and can be downloaded for just $1 (or more, if people are so inclined to be generous):

All tracks will eventually be available via a wide variety of digital outlets, including iTunes.

Remix artists include Null Device, The Dark Clan, Caustic, and Black Jack Red Queen and styles range from world-infused electro to dubstep, EBM and even symphonic metal.
Null Device:
The Dark Clan:
Black Jack Red Queen: