Things you might have noticed.

You might have noticed…we’ve got a gig coming up!  First one in a while – since the tour, one of our members has had a cheerful little child and another member of the touring band um, moved to Qatar.  So we’ve taken some time off.  But we’re roaring back, playing at The WTII Minifest in June at the Abbey Pub in Chicago.  There’s an absurd number of bands playing over three days, including heavy-hitters like Iris, a re-formed Christ Analogue and the return of Die Warzau.

Like, holy crap, guys.  Seriously a Big Deal.

You might also have noticed that we’ve been doing a ton of remixes and such in the studio recently, as well as working up some new tracks.  We’ve finally got some nailed down, although at least one is slated for a bigtime compilation.

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you have noticed that we’ve kind of redesigned…well, everything on  New logo (perfect for drawing on the back of your Trapper Keeper, or painting in white-out on the back of your jean-jacket!  It’s still 1986, right?), new website, new features on the website, and more to come as we get ’round to developing them.  There’s a longish-term plan to unify the expanding discography and lyrics section, becasue, hey why not get all the song information in one place, right?

Aaaaaand finally, since Matt is a media-blitz kind of guy, you’ve no doubt noticed that the new Caustic album, “The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit” is out on Metropolis Records, and that’s related to us because Null Device a) did a remix on the leadoff single and b) did much of the production and synth work on the track “Orchid”, which features the vocals of the delightful, talented cellist-and-tiny-hat-afficionado Unwoman.   

I’ve noticed that there’s a pair of bongoes in the studio that haven’t seen nearly enough use recently.  Hmm…!