One week!

One week until Eric and Jill and Matt and John pretend to be Dave and Martin and Alan and Andy.

One week!

We’ve put together a set that highlights pretty much every album from…well, from 1980 to 1993, because we only get a 45 minute set.  And we skipped “A Broken Frame” because there’s no way I’m singing about my monument falling down. We got the costumes, we got the song choices, and we’ve been spending a ludicrous amount of time replicating the correct synthesizer noises.  And Matt gets to beat on a “spookaphone” like a spastic monkey.

But yeah, it’s gunna be a good time.

The lineup for the night:

8:15-9:00pm Sons of Atom as Minute Men
9:15-10:00pm The Heroins as Hole (featuring members of Little Red Wolf)
10:15-11:00pm The God Damns as The Stooges
11:00-11:30pm Costume Contest Giveaway
11:30-12:15 Bexorcist as Beck (featuring members of The Usual Things)
12:30-1:15 The Violators as Depeche Mode (featuring members of Null Device, Caustic and Sensuous Enemy)

At the High Noon Saloon!