Upcoming November Shows

When it cold-November-rains, it pours.

(Ha!  A Guns-n-Roses joke from 1992! Timely!)

We have not zero, not one, but TWO Madison shows in November.  Unexpected, but coooool.

The first is with our pals Sensuous Enemy, at the Frequency, for the release of their new disc, “Voyager.”  It’s sort of a CD release for us too, because we never really got one (our venue fell through at the last minute) but since our album’s been out for a few months now, it’s a little less timely.  ANYWAY.  Yes.  Sensuous Enemy, and a third as-yet-unspecified band.

The second is at the lovely High Noon Saloon, with local electo-pop up-and-comers Midas Bison and, after a brief hiatus, our compadres in The Dark Clan.  A night of WI electronic pop!  And to keep things interesting we’ll do some…uh, interesting…things!