2016: State of the Device


This has been quite the year.

It has been marked by great tragedy, and great happiness. Wonderful things and terrible things. We lost iconic musicians and influences like Bowie, Prince and Cohen. We ached at the tragedy of the Ghost Ship fire. We cringed at the political state of the nation and the world (Jill still periodically checks everyone for goatees, to make sure she hasn’t slipped into the evil mirror universe).

But we also got to release an album we feel passionate about, and play some amazing shows with amazing people.

I’m going to focus on the positive.

We released While You Were Otherwise Engaged, and we’re exceptionally happy with it. We’re on a great new label, run by great people. We didn’t play a ton of shows, but the shows we did play were wonderful and, dare I say, profound.

Every day I am grateful and somewhat befuddled that we get to do this. We get to make music with our friends, for our friends. We get to meet people who we’ve for years looked up to as artists, and associate with them as peers and friends. At shows we meet many people who share the same passion for music we do.

It’s really amazing.

So, in the midst of tragedy and heartbreak that 2016 brought, it still brought some bright spots. We hope it brought some for our fans and friends too. And we hope 2017 is a better year for everyone.