State of the Device, 2017

It’s been a…a..year.

2017 has been kind of a flaming dumpster on many levels. Politically, and personally, there’s been epic levels of awfulness.  

The band, however?  We’ve had a pretty good year.

We put out a single, a cover of Woody Guthrie’s anti-fascist anthem “All You Fascists.” .  It did okay, and we’ve donated all the revenue to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  We performed that song, one time only, in Charlottesville VA, less than a week after the Cville rally, at a venue less than three blocks from where everything happened.  That was…emotional.

We got to tour with our friends.  We spent a week schlepping up and down the east coast with Jim and Lee of Red Lokust, Chase from Boxed Warning, Stacy, Chad and Mike from Spider Lillies, Paul and Heidi from Tragic Impulse, and all the other support folks and fans and venue owners and promoters we met along the way.  We stayed in some dope airbnb’s, saw some neat parts of the country that we’ve never seen before, and overall had a lot of fun playing music with our friends.

I also bought a bunch of musical instruments.  So that was neat.

Null Device/Caustic collaborative side-project Klack is doing rather well.  We launched it this fall with a single, put out an EP, and dropped another cover single in December.  It’s been a whirlwind, but also been a lot of fun.  Matt and I went back to our musical roots and are doing a bit of an homage to the EBM and New Beat genres that got us into this stuff back in the early 90’s.

There’s been a lot of production, mixing and mastering in the depths of Submersible Studios.  It’s been a pretty epic year for remixes; we’ve done Seeming, Snog, Stars Crusaders, Caustic, Gothsicles, FIRES, Stereospread, Uberdriver, Silver Walks and Dharmata101…and possibly a few more, I can’t remember. 

So 2017…it’s over.  We’ll be working on new music for most of 2018, maybe even releasing stuff.

Until then, Null Device wishes you a happy, healthy, and hopefully calm 2018.