Playlist, Something Wonderful, 1/15/2018

Something Wonderful (Music) with Eric Oehler 01/15/2018 08:00PM to 11:00PM

Kaleida “All the Pretty Pieces” from Tear the Roots (2017) on Lex Records

White Sea “Bloodline” from Tropical Odds (2017) on Obscura Records

MGMT “Little Dark Age” from Little Dark Age – Single (2017) on Columbia

Yelle “Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)” from Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now) – Single (2017) on Recreation Center

Ionnalee “Samaritan” from Samaritan – Single (2017) on To whom it may concern.

Tsti “Things I Would Do” from Endings (2017) on Basic Unit Productions

Skeleton Hands “Gardens” from wake (2017) on RACECAR

Sally Dige “Holding On (Forces Extended Mix)” from Holding On (2017) on Avant! (Eu) / Dka (Us)

Forces “Run” from NEWBODY (2017) on Avant! (Eu)

Black Asteroid “Howl (feat. Zola Jesus)” from Thrust (2017) on Last Gang

Rhys Fulber “Effigy” from Realism – EP (2017) on Sonic Groove

Liebknecht “Koln” from Produkt EP (2017) on Basic Unit Productions

Boy Harsher “motion” from Country Girl EP (2017)

Der Prosector “Sun Dogs” from Egregious EP on Armalyte Industries

Wulfband “Platzmachen” from Revolter on Progress Productions

How Green Is My Toupee “Crutch” from Kerfuffle