State of the Device 2018

Well, that was…a year. Politically turbulent and stressful, that’s for sure.

We didn’t release a lot this year, just a single and a compilation track. Which we’re super pleased with, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like we haven’t done much. And that single raised some decent money for Lambda Legal, so that’s pretty great (also, yay our fans are good poeple!)

Of course it’s not true that we haven’t been busy. It seems like we’ve been busier than ever! We played a number of shows, traveled around a bunch, did a number of things we had never expected to do – play a sex club? Check. Stayed in a historic house? Check. Visited Cincinnati? Check. PLAYED A SHOW WITH #@$%#@$% COVENANT?!? CHECK.

We’re deep into album 7. We have about 12 songs aaaaaalmost done. We’re looking to release this year.

Been busy with numerous other things, too. Klack dropped a bunch of singles, some compilation appearances, some vinyl, a couple cover songs…Eric O (me) has been performing with Caustic a bunch too. And…injuring myself a lot too. Threw out my back at a Caustic show. Got better. Pinched a nerve at another Caustic show. That’s almost better. Broke my laptop screen at a Caustic show. It’s sort of a trend.

Submersible Studios had a banner year, too. Mixed and mastered a mess of stuff. Some regular clients, some new, across a mess of genres. Not coincidentally, bought a mess of new gear – new mics, new instruments, new software, new in-ears…uh…new phone…

So what’s on tap for 2019? Well, the aforementioned new album. We’ve already starting booking shows, too. Maybe even a short tour! And new stuff from Klack. And Klack shows there too. And we’re frantically and maybe futilely pitching for festivals, too. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe we’ll do another charity single, too. I like doing charity singles.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019.