DJ Gig

DJ Null will be spinning at The Inferno again on Oct 8th. With DJ D20 and special guest DJ Koob. All sortsa fun beats shall be dropped.


Work progresses on “A Million Different Moments” with hope of a release this fall. It's almost done. The 5-disc “State of Synthpop” compilation from A Different Drum is available for pre-order now, and features “The Sad Truth (7d3 mix)” on it. Null Device is guesting on a new Epsilon Minus …


The Reverence festival went off without a hitch. Photos here. A full account is in the blog section of the website. Thanks to Matt Fanale, Ned Kirby, Adam Wiesenfarth, Chuck, Dan, Stochastic Theory, b00le, Voltaire, Iris and Stromkern for making this just a kick-ass show.

HaLO Compilation out

The compilation “HaLO: The Best of Madtown Electro and Synth” is now out. Folks, this is a killer comp. Of course it features a Null Device track, but it also features new and exclusive tracks from Stromkern, Stochastic Theory, Oneiroid Pyschosis, Brian Schuh, Ensku, The Dark Clan and many, many …