Back in the Saddle

Oh, busy busy busy.

I’m enjoying a last flurry of productivity before everything goes to hell in a few weeks. I’ve nearly finished remixing “Sad Truth” into a slightly more club-friendly form, rewritten “How” from the ground up, worked on some new material with Mr. Goedken during his whirlwind return to Madison, and just generally been a tweaker of things.

And in three weeks the whole shebang gets picked up and moved. Casa de Wonko and Makeshift Studios are getting swank new digs and I’m very excited (and also now very poor). The downside is that I’ve gotta disassemble three years worth of accumulated cables and routings, move it all, then set it back up and hope for the best. Of course, the first thing I’ll probably do after the move is start setting up the studio – heck with things like kitchen appliances or furniture.

And then I go on vacation to warm tropical places (and let me say I have the coolest girlfriend in the world for booking this trip) for a while.

So ND is either going to have a very busy early 2002 or a very nondescript one.