Sublimation – Gothic Beauty Magazine

Sonya BrownAhhhh. At last! A fresh breath of synthetic air! Null Device just restored my sometimes jaded outlook on modern electronic synth-pop music with Nilaihah's recent release, Sublimation. Eric Oehler and Eric Goedken have created asymmetry of the melodic, techno, and synth, presenting it like oxygen to the synth-deprived. Sublimation showcases clearly defined lyrics you can actually sing along to. My favorite tracks include the much-too-brief whispers of “Neverland” (poetry in motion!); “Sacre Coeur” (with velvety chants); and the static-riddled “Stromkern Western Skies Mix” of “Footfalls”. Also included in Sublimation, you'll find a cover of The Smiths, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (more upbeat than the original). New to Nilaihah Records, Null Device maintains a commitment to providing audio acoustics characteristic of music reverberating through submerged caverns where mournful bass-beats pour out despondently through 14 eclectic dance tracks.