Sublimation – Re:generation Magazine

Nick GarlandIf Bronski Beat, New Order and Yaz all got together and mated, their musical child would most likely be Null Device. Many years after meeting at the University of Wisconsin and subsequent musical cooperation, the masterminds behind Null Device, Eric Oehler and Eric Goedken, bring us their first label release. Their music builds on the previous success of their presence and on excellent remixes and production for Stromkern. Most of the album consists of melancholy dirges punctuated by a few moments of upbeat and slightly danceable tracks. The song “Word and Deed” with its Indian flavor courtesy of a tabla drum loop and strong, emotional vocals is the best song on the album. Sublimation is steeped with elements that without which, would normally make a synthpop album clonal and boring. ?Sacré Coeur? is a song which takes us on a journey to Paris with its lyrics ?Leaves fall by the riverside blown through the city of lights,? and conjures up memories of lost love with its chorus. A special treat on the album is a cover version of The Smith?s ?There is a Light,? which provides a new revision of an old favorite, the vocals to which are eerily similar to the original. Null Device is very different from all other synthpop acts and are poised to take the scene by storm with their superb lyricism, programming and vocals. ?Synthetic music for synthetic people,? but with soul and style.

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