Sublimation – Outburn Magazine

Brian LumauigMelodic SynthPop: Null Device's debut album, Sublimation, offers a different take on the current wave of melodic sythpop. Rather than jumping on the futurepop bandwagon, the duo of Eric Oehler and Eric Goedken opt for a more subdued, contemplative, song oriented approach. The result is a collection of songs filled with warm electronics, interesting percussion, and lighthearted vocals. This combination works best on “Sacre Coeur” and “Fly Skyward” where Null Device showcase an origanic electro pop feel topped off by Oehler's emotional, heartfelt voice. The duo also turn in an upbeat cover of The Smith's classic “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” where Oehler does his best Morrissey impression. Elsewhere on Sublimation, the band seems as if they are paying homage to their synth heroes, as can be heard on the Soft Cell influenced “Blindsighted” or the Alphaville-like “Footfalls.” The rest of the album, however, doesn't offer up anything mind blowing. That's not to say that Sublimation isn't an enjoyable listen. Null Device unabashadly wears their infliences on their sleeve as they bring forth a familiar new wave, electro pop sound. Unfortunately, their retro approach may get overshadowed by the recent overflow of dancefloor ready electro artists.