Sublimation – Wetworks Ezine

The latest release from the duo of Null Device entitled “Sublimation” is quite good. I was even more impressed when I found out this was their debut release. Null Device might seem like your typical Synthpop band at first listen but once you delve more into their sound you find a myriad of influences and genre crossovers. Everything from Electro-Pop, Trip-Hop, EBM and Electronica. “Sublimation” contains 14 tracks total, including a superb cover of The Smith's “There Is A Light,” and a remix of “Footfalls” from the EBM band Stromkern.

My favorite tracks on “Sublimation” include the mellow synths and acoustic guitar licks of “Call Of The Rose,” the highly addictive track “The Sad Truth” and the excellent Smiths cover “There Is A Light” which the vocals remarkably sound dead on.

“Sublimation” is an exciting debut from newcomers Null Device and quite a find for Nilaihah Records. Fans of innovative Synthpop with creative sequencing, potent lyrics and fantastic vocals will enjoy this album immensely. Nice work.