Footfalls List update, July 27th 2003

Here’s an update. I keep forgetting to post news to this thing, mostly
because I think I talk to most of you on a fairly regular basis. But in
case I don’t…

1) we just played a gig in Milwaukee with Stochastic Theory, and despite
some sound issues a good time was had by all.

2) Because I am a geek, I’ve ported the old “notes” section
over to MovableType and made a full-fledged band blog. Random blatherings
about the state of the band, live show recaps, DJ set playlists, etc will
take up residence there.

3) The new album is almost complete and we’re looking at an October
release. Title is “A Million Different Moments” and it’s going to be a
fairly ambitious disc.

4) – get yourself some free Null Device

5) Upcoming show in Madison at the end of August. The “Reverence”
festival, featuring a stellar lineup. Stochastic Theory, Null Device,
Boole, Voltaire, Iris and Stromkern. There are some exclusive
performances in here – Iris has never played the midwest before, and
neither has Boole. Tix are $17, and are available from

6) I like soup.

7) The compilation “Halo: The Best of Madtown Electro and Synth” comes out
this week, featuring new tracks by Null Device, Ensku, and m00ntz!, as
well as Stochastic Theory, Stromkern, Oneiroid Psychosis, Ctrlshift, Echo
Virus and others. More info again at

That’s all the news I can think of right now. Enjoy.