oh wow

My copy of BitshiftAudio’s Phatmatik Pro arrived yesterday.

I was planning to get some rest yesterday evening, just chill for a while. This did not happen.

Okay, yeah one annoying bug – the file browser choked on my desktop folders, but once I worked aorund that…holy [expletive deleted] is this [expletive deleted] [obscene gerund] cool!

It’s like…okay, imagine ReCycle as a plug-in with realtime manipulation. And filters. And MIDI control. And multitimbrality. And multiple outs. And modulation.

Oh baby.

It is as if the heavens opened up and gave me the loop-manipulation tool I’ve wished for. Yeah, I like drumloops, but rarely do I want to sue them in their original form. I want to use the sounds, or maybe the rhythm, or maybe just want to take a few notes and lock the quantize on it. But it’s just cool – in about 10 minutes I had turned a slow hip-hop beat into a really twitchy drum-n-bass break with weird Squarepushery effects. It was awesome.

And so far their tech support has been really helpful. They gave me tips when I was playing with the demo. Excellent. Oh, and it’s also a fully OSX native Audiounit.