Null Device Release Party, 02/11/2004

DJ D20
*So What’cha Want – Beastie Boys
State Rape – Snog
Laughingstock – :SITD:
Wreath of Barbs – :Wumpscut:
Temptation – Project Pitchfork
Cold Victim – Tactikal Sekt
Blunt Force Trauma – Aslan Faction
Ground Zero – The Retrosic
Zombi – Converter
Injuring Eternity – Stochastic Theory

DJ Null
Panjabi MC – Mundian To Bach Ke
Stromkern – Night Riders
Blind Faith and Envy – Crowded Room (Null Device mix)
* Hybrid – Visible Noise
Epsilon Minus – Road to Hell (Null Device mix)
* Plump DJs – Pray For You
The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (Royksopp Memory Lane mix)
Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Gp
Null Device – Walk in London (Null Device Bricklane extended mix)

DJ D20
Stolen Thoughts (Given Memories Mix) – Funker Vogt
Rhythym Machine – Neotek
Frontal Damage – Terrorfakt
*Deathtime – Converter
Blue Serge – Skinny Puppy
Gelobnis (Terrorfakt Mix) – PAL
Someone Else – Null Device
*Another World – Beborn Beton
Lunacy – God Module

DJ Null
Haujobb – Cleaned Vision (Radioactive)
Forma Tadre – Celebrate the Cult (Rebearth edit)
Covenant – Theremin (club version)
Project Pitchfork – Renasence (FLA Infinity mix)
Armageddon Dildos – Every Day is Like Sunday (Come Zhirinovsky mix)
Nitzer Ebb – Ascend (Vince Clarke anonymous mix)
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
Iio – At The End (Midnight Extended)
Conjure One – Center of the Sun (29 Palms remix)
*Human League – Love Me Madly (cuzco mix)
New Order – Fine Time (Silk Mix)
tATy – Ya Shosla S’Uma
Psykosonik – Welcome to My Mind

DJ D20
Devastator (Thosquantan Mix) – The Gothsicles
Gin & Juice – DJ Pr0phnitz

I would like to note that “Mundian To Bach Ke” mixes startlingly well into Stromkern. And this was probably the only time I’ve ever seen Panjabi MC fill the floor. This was also the first set in a while that lacked a dM, BT or Tarkan track.

I decided I needed to do a little “quasi-retro” set in the middle there. EBM classics from the days before Futurepop, back when everyone thought Haujobb was going to be the Next Big Thing.

Apologies to Seth for stealing 5 of his minutes to play “Welcome to My Mind.”