Sublimation – Chain D.L.K.

Marc Urselli-Schaerer Synth-pop at its best is what Null Device offer us! As some of you might know I am not a great lover of synth-pop (Maurizio is really the man on the team that handles the genre), but Null Device have a really original way to portray their style and port their message. The key of their sound is integration. Their synthetic music for synthetic people intertwines with influences of middle eastern music, electronica, rock and breakbeats. Their instrumentation includes a healthy dose of electronic devices coupled with percussions and traditional instruments such as classical strings, rai instruments, flutes etc. Hence, this will be the cup of tea of all those people who are entertained by a nice blend of Depoche Mode, New Order, Delirium, Taha, Khaled, Faudel, Peter Gabriel, Mesh, Ganymede, Brave New World, Gary Flanagan, Muslimgauze, Gary Numan etc… After their remix for Distorted Realty's record on Nilaihah and their spot on the famous Cohaagen “Living On Video” synth-pop-only DVD, this was the natural progression for Null Device. Welcome to the world of multi-cultural cross-boundry multi-temporal moments!