A Million Different Moments – Wetworks eZine

Null Device is a band not afraid to add new elements and influences to the synthpop formula. Just look at the opening track “Destinies & Symmetries” or “Travelogue” which introduces the bands new fondness for middle-eastern influences. These new sounds influence everything from the violins to the drums to create a sort of Gothic mysticism. Other tracks like “Easier,” “Electrified,” and “Someone Else” return to their earlier sound shown on their first album “Sublimation.” Some standout
tracks include the mellow “Sevgilim,” my personal favorite song “Unknowingly,” and the superb “Walk In London.” I loved the bands first album and their sophomore effort, “A Million Different Moments” doesn’t disappoint either. One of the few ‘synthpop’ bands trying to do things a bit differently and one that will soon outgrow that label.