Monday I: Washington DC, America's Postmodern Nightmare

We woke up again at about 8, everybody pretty bleary. Loaded up the van, checked out of the hotel, and hit the road. And promptly got really, really lost in downtown DC. Getting on the beltway is a maze of onramps and flyovers, all of which I think we took at one point or another, leading us to some of the more…economically interesting parts of DC. We ended up just heading straight out of town in any direction hoping we could sort it out once we got that far. We ended up near Alexandria, VA before we could get going in the right direction. On the upside, our circuitous route took us past a lot of landmarks so we got some perfunctory sightseeing in.

Right now we’re cruising through The Sylvania/Penn Republic, where everyone in our party seems to have developed a minor addiction to Herr’s Salt and Pepper potato chips.

I’m looking forward to coming home and just sleeping.