Remix and additional production

Never content to just work on our own stuff, we've been in a remixing furor again of late.

B! Machine's “Angels (Null Device Mix)” is now available on the new single.

The ND mix of Hungry Lucy's “You Are”, a dark middle-eastern-sounding affair, is available as a bonus track on their new album “To Kill A King.”

We've also just finished a remix for FR/Action. We've got a few more in the pipe.

Also, a few new reviews and interviews, which will soon be transcribed in the press section – reviews from Gothic Beauty and IndustrialNation magazines, an interview with Legends magazine, and an upcoming one with RegenMag.

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed, the site's been redesigned. The Isthmus Newspaper's “Madison Music Project” named it one of the best local music websites…for what it's worth.

A side note – has launched, a forum/portal devoted to electronic music by wisconsin acts.