Yo, Mama.

This past Saturday was the second annual Madison Area Music Awards (MAMAs). Last year we were nominated in two categories and won neither. This year we were nominated in three and won two.

I’m very proud. I do realize that in the grand scheme of things, a plastic trophy doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, and if we’re lucky it’ll mean maybe one or two more CD sales, but, eh, at least our name is out there.

Plus, it was a really fun show. And all proceeds go to the Madison Metro School District’s music programs, which in my book is always a good cause.

There were some really standout performances…last year, the German Art Students completely blew me away with their high-energy brand of post-punk. This year, the Profit$ impressed me with their mellow acoustic rock. Also, Know Boundaries had some issues setting up (they couldn’t find a powerstrip) but proceeded to just nuke the stage with their monster hiphop. Their bassist is insane.

Other highlights were the floating head of Dr. Ryan Parks, accepting “Best Radio Station” for WORT, wacky band antics, and The Gomers playing “Jesus Christ Superstar” after one of the winners thanked her Lord and Savior onstage. And then there was the pageant of guitars and basses that Good-n-Loud Music was donating to the school system. 22 of them, and many of them were damn fine instruments.

I of course made an ass of myself when first called up there. I was so convinced we were going to lose that the shock completely knocked any knoweldge of who to thank out of my brain. The second time was a little better, although I nearly forgot to thank Kristy V and Nilaihah. I didn’t forget to thank Eric G, Dan, and Chuck, though.

So, yeah, pretty neat.