Dane101 2007 In Review

Jesse Russell, Dane101 Staff1. So…2007…how was it?:

Fantastic, albiet a little bittersweet in parts. We finished and released our new album, “Excursions” this year and it’s doing well. I think we’ve finally settled on where to go next with the band too. We had the plus of getting to collaborate with some exceptionally talented musicians on this record, too.

The bittersweet part comes in when we played the Reverence Festival this summer. Oh, it was a fantastic gig, one big amazing electronic-music party with friends from around the country, but it was a little sad because this may be the last Reverence, and it was also our last gig with Dan, our longtime guitarist. We parted amicably and I still see the guy often but it’s still sad to not be working with such a talented artist – but we wish him the best, as he’s got a dozen or so other projects ongoing.

After that we had to scramble a little bit to get our live show back in order – we recruited a new vocalist/keyboardist to fill the gap, we’ve played a few dry-run gigs, and everything is sounding great, which is really reassuring.

Madison’s electronic music scene is still going strong, despite a few relocations and retirements. It’s been a big year for those kinds of changes.

Oh, and Apple released Logic 8 this year. That was pretty awesome.

2. What do you have on tap for 2008?

We’re planning to play a bunch of shows now that we have the new lineup settled in. Also hoping to put together an EP of B-sides, rarities, live tracks, etc to keep some momentum going while we work on album #4.

And of course, there’s album #4. Don’t know when it’ll be done, but we’ve already lined up some collaborations and musicians to work with. It’s very exciting at this point. I’m sure once we get into the brass tacks of tweaking cover art, negotiating release dates with the label, etc etc it’ll be less exciting, but for now? Still exciting.

Half the band is looking forward to a new season of “Battlestar Galactica” to start in 08. The other half is excited about “America’s Next Top Model.” I don’t know what that says about any of us.

Top 5 recipes cooked for Null Device band cookouts and parties in 2007.

1) Smoked Brisket
2) Patatas Bravas w/ garlic alioli
3) Spiced Mixed Olives
4) Pork Rillettes
5) Marinated Flank Steak Sandwiches