Big Show Announcement


A benefit for DJ Garz, or “Gary” as we usually like to call him, featuring 5 top-notch bands, 3 top-notch DJs and a lot of fun. Gary has been a tireless promoter of local music, usually at his own eprsonal expense, and has been instrumental in giving a lot of bands – ours included – some decent exposure when nobody else would touch us.

He and his family lost nearly everything in a tragic house fire earlier this year. As he tries to get his whole family back on their feet, we thought we'd help out. Chris from Sensuous Enemy and Erika from Milwaukee have worked overtime to put this gig together. It's a great venue, a good cause, and an awesome lineup.

Null Device
Sensuous Enemy
The Dark Clan

DJ Koob, DJ Erika Jean, DJ Whiterabbit