Best Madison Albums of 2010

by Rich Albertoni

9. Null Device: Suspending Belief.

Electronic music can be a frenetic experience. On this release, Null Device forges an alternative: a down-tempo, trancy, world-influenced sound.

A deep sense of mystery envelops “Blades of Grass.” The song features Raya¬†Wolfsun singing in Arabic, set to swirling synth drones and tribal beats.

Eric Oehler is the creative force behind Null Device, and he gets help from cellist Elizabeth Scheef, bassist Chuck McKenzie, keyboardist Jill Sheridan and vocalist Eric Goedkin.

Null Device picks up the pace on the album’s most danceable track, “Blow My Mind.” It’s a flirtatious, radio-friendly love song that shows off a local music group at the top of its game.