We Had A Wedding. You Get A Present!

So this past weekend the last of the Null Device core members – me – got married off.  It was a lovely day with some lovely people.

So to celebrate, we’re releasing a chunk of songs I’ve been sitting on for a while.  “Something More Exciting Than A Tornado: Null Device Live at WORT-FM.”

Before we struck out on tour last year, we stopped by the local radio station to talk with our good friend and host of “Something Wonderful, Dr. Ryan Parks, and we played a few songs.  These would be those.

Naturally, because nothing can ever run entirely smoothly with a Null Device performance, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for most of the listening area mere moments before we were due to start.  Undeterred, we played on, risking our very safety in the name of musical entertainment!

So download the fruits of our peril, absolutely free!