Null Device’s Year in Review – 2011

This year was very obviously not as frenetic as last year.  We didn’t release an album, didn’t go on tour, or even play all that many shows.

We had our reasons.  I (Eric O) had a wedding to put together, for one thing.  Elizabeth had a very adorable baby right at the start of the year.  And now Jill is having one too (very soon, within days of this being posted, in all probability).  Makes it kind of hard to tour when you’ve got a newborn or are several months pregnant, since most venues don’t provide onsite child care or offer prenatal checkups.

But we haven’t been entirely idle.  We’ve been working on a bunch of new tracks, which are proving to be a bit of a departure from our previous work, I’ve been doing a hefty chunk of production and remix work for other bands this year as well as playing as part of Caustic on a number of shows, and we did release some remixes and a live EP this year.  And we fulfilled a dream of playing the Union Terrace, which was a pretty good way to end our live engagements for the year.

On a sad note, Elizabeth will be departing for warmer, sunnier climes soon, as she and her family move to Louisiana.  She will be missed, since she’s played with us since…gosh, 2005?  A loooooong time.  She’s been a cheerful, organized member of the band all the while, plus she was great at long-distance driving and packing.  Did I mention how much we’re going to miss her?  But we all wish her, Dr. Nick and Alexander the very very best!

And speaking of the very best, on behalf of all of us at Null Device Media Industries, have a safe and happy holiday season and a great 2012.  We’ll see you there.