2013 State Of The Device

Another year has come and gone.

Kinda just flew by, didn’t it?

2013 was fascinating. We released “Perihelion” to a music industry that was already wildly different than the one we released “Suspending Belief” to a mere three years previous.  It’s been a tough run, but it’s still incredibly rewarding.

I’m incredibly fond of this album, and think it’s one of our strongest from beginning to end.

We played a few shows, made some new friends, all that good stuff. Submersible Studios was busier than ever, too, between mastering various albums, recording a few bands, and producing several tracks and albums. Never a dull moment!

So, where do we go next? Well, about that…

jugit2014 is already shaping up to be momentous, as it is the 20th anniversary (!) of the founding of Null Device. The first release, under the name “/dev/null” was the soundtrack to a demonstration of some animation and raytracing software, released August 3rd, 1994. We have some ambitious projects lined up to celebrate, and I hope we can pull them all off. A few are ideas that have been gestating for ages that we finally said “okay, let’s try this!”  It’s going to be an interesting 20th year.

A happy holiday season to Null Device’s friends and fans, and a safe and happy 2014 to you all.