Playlist, Something Wonderful 11/16/2015

08:03PM-08:08PM (5:00) Timehater “Bright (Tim Hunter’s Downtown Mix) ” from Timehater – Single on ^flagrant

08:07PM-08:12PM (5:07) Grimes “Realiti” from Art Angels on 4Ad (USA)

08:12PM-08:17PM (4:26) Young Galaxy “Little Wave”  from Falsework on PLANCHA New

08:19PM-08:22PM (3:00) Basecamp “In My Veins (ft. Del the Funky Homosapien and Billie Black)” from In My Veins New

08:23PM-08:26PM (3:00) Jean-Michel Jarre “Close Your Eyes (ft. Air)” from Electronica I

08:29PM-08:32PM (3:00) Null Device “All Along This Line” from (as yet unreleased) Local, New

08:37PM-08:43PM (6:11) Conjure One “Kill the Fear (feat. Hannah Ray)” from Holoscenic on Armada Music Bundles New

08:43PM-08:48PM (5:02) Meat Beat Manifesto “Present for Sally”  from Kasm02 – EP on Kasm

08:48PM-08:51PM (3:00) Stereospread “My Final Refuge” from unreleased

08:53PM-08:57PM (3:38) IAMX “The Background Noise” from Metanoia on Orphic

08:56PM-09:00PM (3:22) Metric “Blind Valentine” from Pagans in Vegas on Crystal Math Music

09:04PM-09:09PM (5:42) New Order “People on the High Line”  from Music Complete on mute (USA) New

09:09PM-09:15PM (5:05) New Order “Superheated”  from Music Complete on mute (USA) New

09:14PM-09:21PM (6:55) New Order “Plastic” from Music Complete on mute (USA) New

09:21PM-09:27PM (5:55) New Order “Academic”  from Music Complete  on mute (USA) New