2015 State of the Device

We’ve spent most of 2015 diligently working on our sixth full-length album. Tentatively titled “While You Were Otherwise Engaged”, we’ve written probably three dozen demos of…varying quality, and we’re closing in on 10-12 of those for finishing. We’ve got a bunch done already and we’re super-excited about those.

We’ve written a few new tracks for some compilations too. Those should be making their appearance during 2016.

Didn’t play a ton of live gigs, though, mostly because we were working on new material. Played a few though, including a pretty great show in Pittsburgh. Super-fun, and big thanks to Jim Semonik and his crew for letting us do that.

And of course, we put out a single for “Wardrobe.”

So, overall, a good 2015, and we’re looking forward to 2016. Happy New Year to our friends and fans!