Something More Exciting Than A Tornado

Before we left on the "Fading Belief" tour in 2010, we stopped by WORT-FM in Madison and recorded a few live tracks in their studio for the weekly "Something Wonderful" show. These are those tracks.

Just before we were scheduled to go on, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for most of the listening area. We were never quite sure if that helped us (everyone would be near a radio!) or hurt us (they'd all be station-surfing in panic looking for weather news). Either way, the gracious host, Dr. Ryan Parks, rolled with it.


Recorded live at WORT-FM, Madison WI, June 21st 2010.

Host: Ryan Parks

Lead Vocals: Eric Oehler
Backing vocals, Keys: Jill Sheridan
Percussion: Elizabeth Scheef

Mastered at Submersible Studios, Madison.