All Along This Line

All Along This Line

As I walk this line, winding back again
Trace along the edge, circle back where I have been
Moving in between, through the clouded light
Blurring in the gray, I can’t see in black and white
Devotion that won’t matter, truth that cannot speak
Going through the motions as my stride grows weak
Follow step by step, meant to fall in line
But I start to falter as I redefine

All along this line, strung up in between
Let the threads unravel, pull them at the seams
Chasing at the edge, now it’s time to know
It’s pulsing in my blood, it’s pushing hard as stone

Time has worn us down, but it also makes us sharp
Pieces come together where they break apart
In this broken moment, ringing out tonight
Pull me past the edge, and see in black and white
Out along this line, it buckles and it bends
Nothing to hold back, there’s no more consequence
Building to this moment, now the time is right
With everything to lose but nothing more denied

As I walk along, hear the stirring at the edge
Catches in my ear, somewhere past the ledge
Calling out from stillness, as the switch points lock
And I tumble down with the countdown on the clock

EO – I really was going for a sort of late-80’s/early-90’s madchester/New Order side project vibe here.  Hence, tambourines.