Close Tonight

Close Tonight

Tonight the shadows whisper
And shake in the trees
The wind comes down, the fateful sound
As the night stirs and breathes
And I hear a voice approaching
The charge I can’t ignore
A flooding river, come down to deliver
This message to my door

Is it just the wind tonight
Or do we reach the end
Do I hear your call
Or the echo from within
Is it just the wind that whispers
With the ringing in my ears
And how I feel you close tonight
I feel you pull me near

The wall of a growing chorus
Trembles on the sky
What I hear calling back, this penance paid back
The words I can’t disguise
And I hear the pitch that’s rising
By the window, in the door
The river overflows, the hour hand shows
Tonight we settle the score

Here in the night it plays
And I can’t forget
Do I play out my role
Did I always know
Or do I misdirect
Here in the night it plays
Repeating all the same
In the words to the song
I’ve known all along
I hear it in this game

Softly now the darkness
Holds me on a tether
In the words to follow, will they ring hollow
Or bind us here together
The quiet now surrounds me
Cold shimmers in the air
But I feel you, my love, in the warmth above
In the heavens we’re laid bare