Down The Line

Down the Line


Don’t wanna look you in the eye
Don’t wanna hear a hundred reasons why
Living the same ol’, same ol’ got me down
I’m undercover
Like a lost penny never found

I’m crackin’ up
Head quittin’ time
Mixing it up and moving
Down the line
You’re breakin’ up
No friend of mine
Mixing it up and falling down the line

I don’t wanna
Think about what’s right
I don’t walk the sidelines ev’ry night
Living the same ol’ rat race
Got me down
I’m so far buried
I’m living underground

You’re breakin’ up
No friend of mine
Living it up
And falling down the line
Let’s rip it up
This here’s the time
Mixing it up and falling down the line

Press one for absolution
Press two for revolution
Press three for a real solution
Or just stay on the line

Don’t wanna make an ugly scene
Don’t wanna rinse you out coming clean
Driving the same ol’ sidestreets
Got me down
Future’s so distant
When I spin my wheels around

Backing vocals: Jill Sheridan

[EO] For a while, Jill thought the lyric was “I don’t walk with cylons every night.” We all watched a LOT of Battlestar Galactica.

The recording of the customer service “phone tree” in the song kicked off the whole thing. The use of the off-kilter cowbell-like percussion was my homage to MIA’s “Galang.” And that’s about where the similarity ends.