In black and white
Small print dotting the lines
Ink trails that pool
Right between the eyes
These facts and follies
Are blurred grey and mottled
Like liquid flowing
They read like lies

(Each street
The first grey brick
In a grand downfall)

Tried to press the pieces together
When I want to put them away
These misshapen fragments
They return to close the day
I wanted to live my own way
As I tried to change it all
The mystery is etched in chrome
Inkblots moving closer to home

See blues and reds
Faded with the years
Vapour trails that float
Off along the sky
These shots and volleys
Return home to follow
With lifeblood flowing
The end is nigh

(Each street
The stopwatch tick
In the night’s last call)

Tried to hold these thoughts together
As I want to push them away
From misshapen fragments
They shatter to end the day
I wanted to live my own way
Smooth ideas etched in stone
All these stolen pieces
Bringing old glories to atone

A fiction so outstanding
I worked to keep it small
A fiction so demanding
I hoped to change it all
Here in our crash landing
I meant to heed the call
The mystery is etched in chrome
Inkblots falling back to home

Backing Vocals: Dan Clark, Jill Sheridan, Lane Burns