You’re Not That Charming

You’re Not That Charming


Your life you’ve never mastered
You just float through space
You leave behind disaster
You’re rather a headcase
I don’t what you’re thinking
Your methods are quite alarming
You’re way out of your depth now
Your drama’s never charming

Trouble you create
Through all your strategising
The traps that you fall into
Are all of your own devising
You go and play with fire
With all the words you’ve spoken
Soon you’ll see your strength
Is just another kind of broken

All your accusations
They’ll fall on deaf ears
Your self-aggrandizations
Can only ever end in tears
I don’t know what’s intended
With all your many fabrications
You’re way out of your depth now
You’re no good at manipulation

You’ve got people talking
They all know exactly what you’ve said
Nobody is joking
They think you’ve gone out of your head
You rail against the hardships
They seem to make no sense
You’re never realizing
What you do has consequence

(You’re not that charming)
This isn’t just about me
(You’re just not charming)
You’ll have to get along without me

[EO] Inspired by numerous toxic people posting ridiculous drama to the internets. I know, right?

The whole backbeat and progression is vaguely reminiscent of Royksopp’s “Circuit Breaker”, only slower and in a different key.