H?•LO – The Best of Madtown Electro and Synth

Null Device has got a new track on the very-soon-to-be-released compilation “HåLO – The Best of Madtown Electro and Synth.” Also featured on this comp are Stromkern, Oneiroid Psychosis, Signal12, Echo Virus, Stochastic Theory and ND side-project Ensku. A goofy little pseduo-eclash track called “I Don't Want Her (and neither do you)” also appears, a saturday-afternoon collaboration between ND, Stochastic Theory, and Caustic.

Also featured are some up-and-comers like Brian Schuh (who bangs out some of the best Pet Shop Boys-style synthpop I've heard in a while), industro-goofballs The Gothsicles, and ebm'ers CtrlShift.

The amazing thing about this comp is that every band here is based within about a 20-mi radius of Madison, WI.

It's looking like a damn good comp. More information at Deadbeat Productions.