HaLO: The Best of Madtown Electro and Synth

The HaLO compilation is out.

Matt Fanale did an awesome job of getting this together. He dug up all the hidden electro talent in Madison, got them together, and put out a comp. He arranged for a goofy-“supergroup” track. He handled the duplication, mastering and all that himself. Amazing. Big props to Matt.

And this compilation kicks major ass.

I mean, any comp that’d have us, Stromkern, Oneiroid Psychosis, Stochastic Theory and Echo Virus among others is going to be pretty strong to start out with. But add The Dark Clan, Ensku, Ctrlshift, Gothscicles, Caustic and Brian Schuh, and you’re looking at a really, really strong comp.

Get it. Get it get it get it!