The doings and goings on

Hola amigos, been a while since I rapped at ya.

Seriously through, I’ve been busy. Null Device things, non-null-device things, it’s been crazy.

A few things that’ve been accomplished on the ND front, though:
Studio upgrades! New computer, new master keyboard, software upgrades. You can already har the difference in the new tracks.

Work on album 3 moves, albiet slowly. I’m encountering a distinct lack of free time. But we’ve finished a few tracks – a big epic progressive breakbeat thing titled “Entwined” and a straight-up dance track called “Wonderland.” Still in progress are a dark-n-angry ethno-techno track, a desi-hop massive track complete with Panjabi lyrics, a bangin breakbeat track, a glitchy ballad, and a few random musical fits and starts.

Been remixing, producting and mastering. Recent remixes include a new version of The Dark Clan’s “Beauty”, a remix of The Azoic’s “Illuminate” for their upcoming remix album, the “Panjabi lowrider mix” of “Stand Up” for Stromkern (which may or may not ever see the light of day), and the final release of the Nishesh mix of Armageddon Dildos’s “Goetter Der Nacht.” Additionally, a 3-piece punk band called “The Stint” recorded a demo at Makeshift studios, which I engineered, and it came out pretty well for something banged together on a saturday afternoon.

We’ve taken a short break from performing live to retool the setlist, relax a little bit, and perhaps even add a new member to the lineup! Big stuff in the works.