State of The Device, 10/21

Oh, right, the blogosphere beckons again.

I’ve been alternating bouts of extreme productivity with bouts of severe writers block, often several in a week. This has led to more schizophrenic Null Device songriting. Somehow, though, in the end it’ll all hang together.

So what’ve we got so far? Well…

  • A royksopp-ish electro-funk track
  • A big, orchestral breakbeat anthem
  • breaks-n-middle-eastern music colliding in an aggressive fashion
  • desi-hop, bhangra, and downtempo all in one
  • spanish guitars, arabic percussion, and trancy electronics. Where Tarifa meets Ibiza!
  • big beats and rock-n-roll, baby.
  • glitchy micro-funk-hop?
  • a sparse, electronic ballad

I’m sure I’ll add other things to this list as time progresses. I realized yesterday that I’m a lot farther along on this album than I previously thought. There’s still a ton of work to do – I hardly have any of the vox recorded, some of the acoustic bits need re-recording, I’m a bit stuck for a good progression on a few songs…

At the same time, there’s the fun of arranging some of the new material – and re-arranging some of the old – for live performance. We’re revamping the live stuff a bit to make it more dynamic (that’s the plan, anyway), and prepping for – god help us – a tour next summer. I figure, hey, if we managed to rewrite a dozen songs to play acoustic, adding some new synth riffs and such should be a cakewalk by comparison, right?

Gotta finish the presskit, too. Ooof!

So much to do.