Much went on behind-the-scenes at Null Device Media Industries this month.    Nothing that’s going to explode into a big new album or multiplatinum recording, but some seriously cool stuff nonetheless.

Shipped off some remix kits for Recursions –  Included remixers are, thus far, Bloodwire, Bogart Shwadchuck, The Dark Clan, and Stripmall Architecture.   (I tried to snag a few others, but they were either too expensive or too busy, or both).  I’m quite excited by all these, as I am an unabashed fan of all these artists.   And, somewhat serendipitously, Bloodwire and Stripmall Architecture just played a show together. 

Speaking of remixes, we’ve just started on one for Claire Voyant, which I hope I can bend into the appropriate shape.

Also, I’ve booked some studio time with musicians from a local Carnatic dance company, which I hope may lead to some very interesting collaborations.

And finally, there was a pretty spiff article about Madison’s electronic musicians in last week’s Isthmus.  I’ve mentioned that before, but 1) it’s a good article and 2) I forgot to mention I’m quoted in it.  I’m also quoted in a 77Square article about the MAMAs, but only a little.

Also, the studio got moved about 25 feet to a hopefully more secure, drier and sunnier location.